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The imagery of dressing well is a reflection of who we are and how we live.

Osman Abdul Razak specializes in Bespoke clothing for the best in and around town. After having graduated with an engineering degree, he went on to engineer people’s clothes and lifestyles. With a family background invested in apparels in Chennai, it was no surprise that Osman’s passion was elegantly altered into the men’s fashion segment.

In 2007, came into fruition and it was not just any store, it was Osman’s brainchild and anyone who walked in could see his obsession and insight that went into creating the boutique. Mentored under Master Tailor/ Influencer Akbar Shahpurwala, he steered the Men’s Fashion store as their style and fashion director.

In 2014 he was an apprentice under Master Tailor Jameel Khader refining his pattern making and bespoke fitting skills. The year 2016 marked the milestone of the Osman Abdul Razak private label with a new atelier studio in the heart of the city. He further got himself certified in Savile Row with Master Tailor Andrew  Ramroop of Maurice Sedwell, England

Since then, the Chennai resident has been transforming the way men dress. Slip into a world of sophistication, without trying too hard. Express your identity under layers of fine fabrics, exceptional cuts and skilled craftsmanship.

Define you!

Elevate your sartorial experience!